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Wednesday, 19 October 2011 09:52

This is ...

the "Electric Pedro!" electric bicycle page.

I built this electric bike to assess -

  • the practicality of electric bikes, and
  • the feasibility of establishing a business converting bicycles to electric, here in Australia

The headline: Convert your bicycle to electric power.

  • Cruise to work effortlessly, and faster than cars and buses in the city.
  • Peddle further and more easily for leisure.

My findings:

  • The current 200watt limit is the killer. 
    • At 200 watts you still need to peddle almost everywhere: it's power-assisted peddling.
    • With 350 watts (the European limit) you only need to peddle up hills: it's peddle-assisted power.
  • The law needs to be changed to allow more practical power to be used. The European limit of 350 watts is workable, 200 is not. If Australia wants to get serious about environmental issues, this is one change that is needed. Moreover, better bike paths and lanes are needed too.
  • The V8 and SUV is still king in Australia. The country is too much ruled by spineless people with little vision or ability to lead or carry out reform at any pace, who are controlled by too many conservative rednecks in the public. This has led to Australians being the worst per-capita polluters on Earth. Their environmental record is woeful. The country's wealth is essentially due to what is underground in its vaste outback: it is essentially a huge mine. There is almost no focus on bikes nor electric vehicles of any sort. If it were not for its coal and iron etc deposits, it would be a very poor country. Hopefully the roll out of the Better Place electric vehicle charge stations, and the release of the Renault all-electric car in 2012 will be a step in the right direction.

(14/06/2010: Ready to go shopping.)


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