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Thursday, 25 November 2010 15:31

Inspired by an article on the Nissan Leaf's running economy, I have worked out a few comparative stats for Pedro-1.

These calculations of mine are not very accurate.

  1. They assume that a 55km trip uses the entire 0.75kw-hrs of energy, which might not be the case at all. The best way I might be able to measure the real power usage in future will be to measure how much energy is put into the battery on recharging. The only instrument I have to measure this at present is the house's electricity meter. To use it, I would have to switch everything off in the house except the charger. The food in the fridge might be a problem.
  2. My figureĀ aboveĀ is for when not peddling at all. However, I usually do peddle-assist here and there, eg when taking off from lights, and to help when climbing hills, depending on how hot a day it is, and whether I feel like peddling or not. On most trips I probably contribute another 20% of the power, enough to take my actual economy to over 1,000 mpge. On weekends, when cruising the beaches, the figure would more than double.