Pedro-1's maintenance log.

The original Repco Bermuda Beach Cruiser bicycle had a few poor quality components, and others were replaced when the electric kit was fitted, or due to my own preference, and also, later, as parts have worn out. In addition, the insides of the mudguards have been sanded to remove light rust that started appearing within 2 months from new, and they were primed and painted with rustproofing and epoxy paints.

Here is a summary of main parts that have been replaced:

  1. Early replacement of defective parts: Feb 2010. These parts should not have been sold on the bike, and had I not altered the bike to add the electric motor and battery, would have considered returning the bike for a refund as not fit for sale.
    1. Pedals replaced: the originals wore out within 6 weeks of use, despite my hardly ever peddling!
    2. Seat replaced: I did not like the brown colour.
    3. Rear hub replaced: The bearings in the original wore out.
    4. Rear tyre replaced: splitting at several points at the rim, one split causing a blowout.
  2. Tyres
    1. June 2010: After 2700km the new rear tyre was splitting again, and the front tread was well worn, so both white sidewall tyres were replaced with Taiwanese no-brand $4 specials from Kmart!
    2. December 2010: More new tyres at 4500km.

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