Good life from four dollar tyres - December 2010 PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 14 December 2010 11:56

Old and new LHR tyresMy Taiwanese LHR tyres ($4 from Kmart) ran well from June to December, and had covered 1700km when replaced at 4400km on the odometer.

In the photo: the tyres are, from the top:

  • New replacement front tyre. This is also an LHR brand. (Its sibling is installed on the rear at the same time: early December 2010. 
    • 26" x 1.95"
    • cost $15 from Kmart
    • They have a nice slick road tread, and are rated for 40 to 80psi.
    • Pressure: I have the front on 40psi and the rear on 50psi.
    • They handle as well on corners, and are noticibly quieter than the old tyres. They might also be 2 or 3km/hour faster.
  • The old LHR ($4 from Kmart)  26" x 2.10/2.125" tyre from off the front. It was on the driving wheel of the electric motor, so its tread is very worn compared to the ...
  • old $4 LHR tyre from off the rear. As you see, the rear tyre got little wear.

The old tyres were only rated to 40psi, and so were kept at full pressure back and front throughout their life on the bike. They had a lot of life left in them, and probably could have been swapped around, to give another 1500km or so. However they will now probably go onto my peddle MTB as its tyres are in fairly poor condition, probably due to being left in the weather by previous owners.

Pedros tyres have all worn in their very centres only, as almost all riding is done in a straight line, with relatively little sharp banking when cornering. It would be ice to get a tyre with a lot of tread in the centre.