Rear hub replaced - Feb 2010 PDF Print E-mail

Pitted hub bearingsNasty noises starting coming from the rear hub after a month of riding. The hub was dismantled during February 2010.

As these pics show, the bearings were pitted, and the idling spline was gouged. These parts are probably stressed more than they would be on a non-electric bike, because they are subjected to a lot of idling instead of peddling, and this is at about twice the speed of a non-electric bike. however, it seems that the parts are made of poor quality metal, as they still should last a lot longer than a month.

Read hub idling spline

The bike was off the road for a month until I ordered a Shimano hub off Ebay from the USA (approx cost US$30 including freight), and relaced it onto the original spokes and rim.