Whitewall Tyres Replaced - 10 June 2010 PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 14 June 2010 15:11

Whitewall tyre splitting apartI have had problems with the whitewall 2.15" tyres on the bike. While they look great on the bike,  I am not certain that the tyres and the rims are a correct match, as they are very loose and easy to slip on and off when I remove them to repair any puncture. Moreover though, the rear tyre and its replacement have both split adjacent to the rim, and on the first occasion it blew the tube out through the hole.

At some time around February 2010, I had replaced the rear tyre with a similar one costing $25 from a bike shop. the new one was rated to 65 psi; better than the original Chinese no-brands that were only rated to 40psi.


  • I had kept the original rear tyre to at least 40psi, and the new one to nearer 50psi at times. However at 2700km, the new rear tyre was splitting again.
  • The front tyre has never given trouble, never had a flat and stayed at around 40psi from day one until it started getting quite worn of tread, having done 2700kms.

I have a vague feeling that the whitewall tyres on the rear were splitting due to the original rear rim that is still on the bike. Possible causes are:

  1. The lip of the rim is too sharp - a design fault
  2. It rim with was always too small for the 2.15" tyres and they got too stressed from bending too much where they left the rim.
  3. Both the original and replacement whitewall tyres were defective and could not stand the rear rim, even though the front one survived on the front rim that came with the electric motor.

I was advised to get the Continental Town and Country tyre, but they cost $40 each, so I decided to see how much value I get from something cheaper. On 10th June, I bought two Taiwanese 26" x 1.95" LHR branded tyres, which were on clearance at Kmart for $4 each! They were rated to 40psi, so I am keeping them right up to that pressure. They ride well, and are noticably better at tracking around corners than the old wide whitewall tyres.

I shall be monitoring the tyres closely, especially the rear one, for signs of them also splitting where they leave the rims.