Southport Seaway - January 2010 PDF Print E-mail

One of my favourite places: the entrance to the Gold Coast Broadwater at the entrance to the Southport Seaway.


New Year's Day 2010

A strong outgoing tide whips up a good chop outside the entrance. The wind is blowing from an unusual direction: almost directly along the coast from the North.


This yacht has a bouncey time getting out.


18th January 2010

A strong offshore wind this day, blowing from the South-East, which is the more normal wind direction. There is an outgoing tide flowing into the wind, which is whipping up a good chop in the entrance.

The rescue and police boats towed a guy in from offshore. How he got out there would be anyone's guess.


The guy in the dinghy had a great time surfing the waves as he was being towed in through the entrance.

Looking into the sun, the sea takes on a completely different colour.


The same entrance a few days later. This is a more typical Gold Coast day.