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Wednesday, 21 July 2010 12:41

I left home in Southport for a 16 minute dash to the 2:34pm Helensvale train. Normally I cruise it more slowly in 20 minutes to save battery, but I preferred to not take the bike on the train after 3:00pm. Apparently they are not supposed to be on there during peak hours, including 3pm to 6pm, but I think this is backward thinking on the part of the government, as they should be encouraging as many people out of cars and onto trains by whatever means the commuters like. OK, perhaps I would draw a line at horses.

I have actually taken the bike on the train from Helensvale a few times now, to Cooper's Plains station and to Brisbane before as well. Translink recommends making use of the area at the extreme front of the train, where wheelchairs are also catered for. I have not seen anyone in a wheelchair there yet, and there is room for 3 or 4 there anyway.

As before, I alighted at South Brisbane station and cruised over the footbridge, and through the QUT Gardens Point campus.

I cruised up through Brisbane to the King George Bike parking complex, and went it to say Hi. It would cost just $5 to leave the bike there all day, which I am sure I will do one day if I want to spend the day in town during the week. This is an excellent facility. Check it out at its websitea report on the OurBrisbane website, or see this short movie of it on YouTube.

I had an hour in hand, so I cruised over to the Valley, where I was to attend a meeting. After finding the street, to kill time, I did a sedate circuit of New Farm and the excellent bike and walking track that runs around the riverside all the way around the New Farm peninsular and well beyond. The pontoon part of the Brisbane River Walk is particularly interesting. It undulates as Citycat wash hits it.

It seemed obvious to me that an electric bike would be an extremely useful way to get to work and back, and to get about generally, for anyone working in a city like Brisbane. If I moved back there for any time, I would be likely to not even bother with a car for a while, if ever.

After the meeting, I took the 9:10pm train from Brunswick Street back to Helensvale, then biked back home. It was a cool ride home, and this reminded me to take some gloves and also to buy a set of leggings to replace my old Ebay specials that cost $7 but had fallen apart at the seams within a month and been discarded.