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It has occurred to me only lately that there is no more fascinating, satisfying and worthwhile endeavour than to complete the self-sustainability lifecycle by saving seeds, and growing food from there. It is then a mater of harvesting your own food, and cooking your own harvest. Of course much needs to be brought in, so a way to balance this is to harvest excess seeds and spread them back out into the community and into stray plots of public soil :-).

I have started with basil, simply because a dozen or two bushes that I planted last season were flowering lately, and it seemed a waste to not harvest the seeds. The flowers have dried.

I guess I have harvested about 200 to 400 stalks, as per below.

Once cut, the seed pods are easily stripped off the stalks by hand.

Each stalk has about a dozen nodes. Each node has six flowers arranged in a ring. Each flower has four seeds in it.

So I might collect as many as 300 * 12 * 6 * 4 = 86,400 seeds. When I count them I will let you know. :)

Below is a single (six flower) node, viewed from the top.

Once the flowers are stripped off, I rub them firmly between my fingers to release the four seeds from each flower. I have tried to separate the seed from the flower debris with air, static electricity and sieving. Nothing works very well yet, and collection of pure seeds is tedious so far. I might leave them mixed with the flower debris, and propagate them in that state.

A close up of some flowers and seeds.


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