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One of many movies showing the impact of our criminally wasteful mine, manufacture, consume and discard cycle, whereby we are littering the planet at a rate that is impacting the survival of other species that we ultimately depend on for our own survival.

This short movie focusses on the plight of albatrosses on Midway Island and also a beach in Hawaii. In both cases the focus of the problem is the amount of plastic waste that we discard, instead of recycle. Plastic waste floating in the ocean is eaten by many fish and birds including the albatrosses featured here. In the case of albatrosses, the plastic waste remains to fill their stomachs, affecting the amount of nutritious food they can eat. This greatly weakens growing birds, and causes many to not develop the strength to learn to fly. They then starve to death.

Runtime: 8min 39 (play in new window/tab)

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