Test Summary

In a nutshell - Success! This website is readable and links can be followed from a mobile device.

  1. Simple structure OK:
    1. Standard Joomla sample data hacked to a minimal set.
    2. Many modules and positions not used: removed or disabled.
  2. Layout: Website looks great in Firefox on a PC;
    1. Could be nice to reduced the indents on the menu items and these text list items.
    2. Links need to be sufficiently seperated (eg the default line spacing and text size needs to be big enough) for users to easily touch links without hitting the wrong one.
  3. (Graphics essentially not used anywhere.)
  4. It appears that the LG KU990 mobile phone cannot process javascript. Therefore the website (CMS template?) should not have any javascript coded in.
Last Updated on Thursday, 01 July 2010 03:29